Dear friends,
It is big honour, but also the big challenge, for every country to organize big dance sport festivals
in their country. The year 2019 will be the 7th
time in the history of Estonian dance sport, when
there will be held the biggest dance sport festival in the history of Estonia – the 7th
“Tallinn Trophy 2019” – on the 24th and 25th of August 2019.
The festival will consist from four different, but equally important competitions – from WDSF
World Open, WDSF Open, WDSF Professional Division and EDSA Open competitions.
If you decide to visit the 7th “Tallinn Trophy 2019” dance festival, we assure that you will not
regret, because you can see the most beautiful and sportive dance competition, presented by the
best of the best dancers in the world.
 It is honour to the Dance School Laguun, Estonian Dance Sport Academy and Estonian Dance
Sport Association to be host of such an important event.
Finally, we want to thank all the sponsors of the dance festival and their names you can find in
our website. The biggest thanks to all of you!