Dear Traders,
It is big honour and the challenge for every country to organize big dance sport festivals in their
country. The year 2019 will be the 6 th time in the history of Estonian dance sport, when there will
be held the biggest dance sport festival in the history of Estonia – the 7 th  “Tallinn Trophy 2019” –
on the 24 th and 25 th  of August 2019. The festival will consist from four different, but equally
important competitions – from WDSF World Open, WDSF Open, WDSF Professional Division
and EDSA Open competitions.
We expect that there will be approximately 1000 dancers and 800 other participants during the
three days of the festival. The competition place will be opened from 8.00 to 21.00.
It is very good opportunity for everybody to trade in our competition. If you decide to take part
in our competition there will be fallowing conditions for traders:

1. Trading place can be up to 10 square metres big.

2. The look of the trading place must be delivered and must be agreed with the organiser
(look must be sent to the organiser in mode of photo of previous experience to e-

3. One place cost 150 EUR per day, which must be paid in an advance to bank account
given below (invoice can be delivered after the payment in place on the 24 th  of August
2019 – contact to Mr Ivo Kappet).

4. Temporary walls/room dividers are the subject of supplementary price. There is only
option that you rent special walls for trading.

5. Opening ours of the trading place must be 08.00 – 21.00

6. Trading place must be ready on Friday, on the 24 th  of August by the 10.00 (building up
can be started at 14.00). On the 25 th  of August, after the competition, trading place must
be put together and taken away by the 08.00 of the 20 st of August 2019 (collection can be
started after the competition).

7. Fulfilled application form must be sent to the organiser to e-
mail by 19 th of August 2019 at the latest (Application form).

8. Organiser provides security service during the non-working ours but will not be
responsible for the damages or any shortages of goods.

9. All traders can put to the website a demo-video (provided by the trader) and short
description of their business.

10. The organiser will provide to the traders 2 tickets per day per trader for free.


Beneficiary’s details:

Beneficiary’s name:                       TANTSUKOOL LAGUUN MTÜ 

Beneficiary’s address:                   Rännaku pst 10, 10917 Tallinn, Estonia

 Beneficiary’s bank account details:

Name of the bank:                         Nordea Bank Finland Plc Eesti filiaal

Address of the bank:                     Liivalaia 45, 10145 Tallinn

BIC / SWIFT:                                  NDEAEE2X

IBAN bank account number:      EE681700017002777706

 Beneficiary’s PayPal account details: